Tree Trimming on Long Island, NY

It is not always necessary to completely remove a tree in order to have the best view of your property. There are some situations when a tree pruning from a knowledgeable arborist will do just fine. In fact, many of our customers at Integrity Tree Care are more interested in our tree pruning service than they are in tree removal.

Tree pruning on Long Island may make it possible to keep the tree in question alive and not have it taken away. After all, there is beauty to be found in the trees as well.

Tree Pruning: When Is It Recommended?

Think about what you really want to get out of a company that comes in to handle the tree situation on your property. Are you looking for a service that will come in and completely eliminate all of the trees from your property? If so, that is something that we can do, but this is not the typical service call that we get. Most property owners simply want to take care of some tree annoyances that are on their property. They see that there are branches hanging down awkwardly or trees that are making it nearly impossible to see their buildings and property as they would like to. When that is the situation, the need for tree trimming on Long Island is very apparent; don’t worry about a full tree removal!

Tree Pruning
Tree Trimming

Making Your Property Beautiful

We are happy to provide this service and want to make sure we do not do any more damage to the trees than what is called for. If the trees add to the beauty of a property, then land clearing won’t be necessary. Obviously, if they are taking away from that beauty, then we will do what needs to be done to remove them. All of this can be hashed out with you as the property owner before work ever begins. We always want to ensure that our clients are on the same page as we are before we begin to work on any project for them.

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Tree trimming and tree pruning are two ways to maintain the magic feeling that some of those trees can give to a place, and it is why we offer this service. Keep living things alive, but take care of the annoying parts to make sure you get the most value from your Long Island, NY, property at all times.

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