Tree Removal on Long Island, NY

There are times when you will need our tree services to come out and take care of things on your property. Bear in mind that just because you are using our tree removal service does not mean that you are necessarily removing trees that are still living. We are often called out to take care of trees that have already died. Those trees are still standing, but they have no life in them. It is at that point that they are just getting in the way and not providing anything of real value.

Clear the View

Here at Integrity Tree Care, we try to live up to our name with every job that we do. We want to make sure that we are not removing trees that are of historical or cultural significance. Thus, we always make sure to check with the state and local governments regarding any regulations we need to know about before doing any kind of land clearing. If the trees that you need to be removed on Long Island are already dead, then there shouldn’t be anything getting in the way of us coming in and getting this job done. There are some situations with certain types of trees where their historical or protected status could come into play, but even those trees are few and far between. Typically speaking, most of the trees that we deal with are not going to fall into any of those categories.

Tree Removal
Stump Removal

Stump Grinding Services

Whenever a tree is removed, a stump remains where the tree used to be. The stump itself is a distraction and can even be a hazard in certain situations. Thus, it is necessary to take some time to get the stump removed as well, and we have the team to make that happen for you. If you are willing to work with our team, we will certainly be glad to help you get stumps ground down to the point where they can be cleaned up and removed from the ground.

Get Easy & Efficient Stump Removal

Our tree trimming and stump grinding service on Long Island provides people with the confidence that not only will their trees be removed, but we can even take away the stumps that are left behind as well. Thus, they don’t have to worry about seeing stumps all over their property, and they don’t have to concern themselves with the potential for danger that those stumps may cause for people who happen across them at a later date. You don’t want anyone to trip and fall over a stump on your property, and we will help make sure that doesn’t happen.

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